Our Founder – Yachad Shifman


Please allow me to introduce myself and my qualifications. My name is Yachad Shifman and I have a Master of Education degree from Boston University and many years of teaching experience. I am a Certified Bodytalk Practitioner, a Holistic Health Counselor and a Psych-KTM Facilitator.  Growing up in Northern California from the late 60s onward, I was exposed to natural healing and body-mind medicine at a young age.  My father, the Chief of  Pathology in a chain of hospitals, taught me tissue dissection, anatomy & physiology. In his many labs and blood banks I learned about centrifuges and how to draw blood.


After graduate school in 1988, I returned to California to teach in public schools in the San Francisco Bay Area while continuing my studies at San Francisco’s renowned World School of Massage Therapy and Advanced Healing Arts.

To facilitate teaching health maintenance and illness prevention to teenagers with maximal impact, I developed the Youth Empowerment Series (YES) curriculum for middle grade students and educators and authored the Creative Healing Imagery Tapes for Teens and Youth cassette series. They were sold nationally through the Sharper Image Spa catalogue in the 1990s. These are still very popular and are now , for the first time, available  at www.selfcareyoU.org to registered members.

You can hear a sample (HERE)

Bodytalk, which I first encountered in 2003, is one of the most profound healing systems ever developed. After that first introduction, I knew that I wanted to learn this remarkably effective health care system that was so simple, safe, fast, and non-invasive. I studied numerous advanced levels and became a certified Bodytalk practitioner, incorporating this into my holistic health and nutritional counseling practice in Florida.

A typical session takes less than an hour and a series of 3 sessions is recommended for a new health boost. Many clients experience immediate and profound results, while others find that the effects materialize more slowly and gradually.

Rainbow Meditation – 6 minute sample

If you want to purchase just this full meditation, the cost is $3.99