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Holosync® gives you ALL these benefits:

bullet_2_s5_blue_sh Meditate as deeply (actually more deeply) than an experienced Zen monk, literally at the touch of a button…
bullet_2_s5_blue_sh Virtually eliminate stress from your life…
bullet_2_s5_blue_sh Naturally and safely stimulate the production of brain chemicals that dramatically slow aging and increase longevity…
bullet_2_s5_blue_sh Boost your mental powers to unheard of levels…
bullet_2_s5_blue_sh Eliminate most so-called “dysfunctional” feelings and behaviors and the problems they create in your life…
bullet_2_s5_blue_sh And attain a level of happiness and inner peace you may have not thought possible…

Could you really meditate like a Zen monk—
and get all the benefits of meditation…

…literally at the touch of a button?

Nearly two million people in 193 countries already have.

Try Holosync Right Now

Please read my letter below—
then try Holosync® for yourself…

Beaverton, Oregon
Monday morning, 9:14 AM


My name is Bill Harris, Director of Centerpointe Research Institute.The discovery I’m about to share with you may sound like science fiction… but it’s actually cutting edge science of the new millennium—and an example of how, by changing your brain—and taking advantage of your brain’s natural plasticity—you really can…

…change nearly any aspect of your life.

Bill Smile 2

In fact, I guarantee what I’ll share here will accelerate your mental, emotional, and spiritual growth… and positively change your life… in ways that will absolutely astound you.

There’s a war going on inside your brain! Are you winning? Find out here…

Who you are–and everything you experience–starts with your brain: your moods, relationships, energy level, creativity, intelligence, and ability to… [read more]

But first I want to warn you: this is a somewhat long letter—but only because there’s so much to tell about what this remarkable tool will do for you. If I could tell you in a single page, believe me, I would.

I’ll make this promise to you, however. You’ll find what I have to say here nothing short of fascinating. What’s more, learning about it could represent a major turning point in your life, and will be well worth the few minutes it will take.

Okay, let’s get started.

Imagine, if you will, plugging your brain into a specially mastered audio track containing a powerful—but absolutely safe—audio technology that launches you into an incredible experience of focus, alertness, and deep meditation so powerful…

…that it immediately begins to create profound, positive
changes in the structure of your nervous system—and your life!

And you don’t have to take my word for it.
Please, try it for yourself right now.

Try Holosync Right Now

In 1985 I began experimenting with
a remarkable audio technology

Holosync and HRV…
How Holosync Lowers Stress and 
Increases Emotional ResilienceA regular heart beat is a good thing, right? Well, yes—up to a point. Here’s something that… [read more]

…I found in a research paper published in Scientific American(October 1973) by Dr. Gerald Oster, a research scientist at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York.

Combining Oster’s research with other research from the world-famous Menninger Clinic, I created an audio technology that causes tremendous positive changes in anyone who uses it.

This technology, when placed beneath soothing music and
listened to with stereo headphones, produces some absolutely
mind-blowing experiences (and benefits) for the listener:

Profoundly deep meditation usually only experienced by those who’ve meditated many hours a day for thirty-plus years…
bullet_2_s5_blue_sh Dramatic increases in a whole variety of beneficial brain chemicals, including pleasure-causing endorphins—as well as a number of others proven to slow aging and increase longevity and well-being…
The release and falling away of dysfunctional mental and emotional patterns (anger, fear, anxiety, depression, sadness, substance abuse, self limitations, etc.)—including those that have stubbornly resisted other methods…
bullet_2_s5_blue_sh Increased learning ability, a better memory, enhanced creativity, greater intuition, improved focus and concentration—and (even more amazing) greatly increased personal self-awareness (what many scientists call “whole brain functioning”)…
bullet_2_s5_blue_sh Dramatically lower stress levels, and an increased ability to deal with whatever comes at you from the world, calmly and clearly. You become more relaxed, less anxious, more centered, more peaceful, and more connected to others…
bullet_2_s5_blue_sh Achievement becomes easier, and without the same feelings of anxiety and stress. Taking the risks necessary for success doesn’t seem so scary anymore. Good things begin to just “happen” in such a way they almost seem to fall right into your lap…
bullet_2_s5_blue_sh The need for sleep decreases, yet aliveness, vitality and energy increase!

Impossible? Science Fiction?

Science, yes. Fiction, no. Every one of these results has been experienced and reported to us by participants in the program we’ve created around Holosync®, our proprietary version of this amazing audio technology. We call the program The Holosync Solution™, and believe me, it really will be the end of your search for a personal growth and mind development tool that really works.

And the results I’ve described aren’t the results of just a few people. What I’ve just outlined is the average profile of a long-term participant in our program.

“I’ve been using Holosync® for years now and my meditations have gotten much deeper, I travel with Holosync®, I listen on a daily basis. And as a result I have more freedom of expression, a greater sense of relaxation and being stress free, and a greater sense of personal power…”

—Jack Canfield

Best-selling co-author of the Chicken Soup for The Soul series and star of the hit movie The Secret

Can you really get all this just from
listening to a simple audio soundtrack?


And, by clicking on any of the “Try Holosync® Right Now” buttons on this page, you can experience Holosync® for yourself and find out why I’m so excited about it—along with the nearly two million other people in 193 countries who’ve already benefited.

Based on the research I mentioned above, and nearly three decades of our own research and experimentation, we’ve created a powerful audio technology called Holosync®, which we place inaudibly beneath peaceful music and environmental sounds.

Some call it “instant meditation,”
but it’s much more than that.

Experiencing these deep meditative states each day provides a super-enriched environment for your nervous system, causing enormous (and very beneficial) changes in the brain.

What we’re actually doing is (gradually) giving the nervous system more input (of a very precise nature) than it can handle… that is, the way it’s currently structured… in much the same way exercise gives your body more than it can handle physically, pushing it to grow stronger.

The brain’s response?

Reorganization at a higher level… Creation of new neural pathways… Increased communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, leading to what scientists call “whole-brain” functioning… and all the benefits I’ve already mentioned!

Try Holosync Right Now

In terms of mental abilities, many scientists believe this increased communication between the two hemispheres of the brain is what separates the EinsteinsEdisonsWalt Disneys and Steve Jobs of the world from the rest of us (that is, until now!)

Even more impressive are the positive changes in mental and emotional health created by daily use of Holosync®.

I’ll tell you how this works in a moment, but first, though…

Let me explain exactly how (and why) Holosync®
creates such amazing personal changes:

Every person has an emotional threshold. When that threshold is exceeded, you feel uneasy, uncomfortable—even overwhelmed—and you deal with these feelings by using one or more coping mechanisms. These include anxiety, anger, depression, overwhelm, sadness, substance abuse, overeating, and many others.

Incredibly, Holosync® provides a stimulus to the brain that pushes that threshold higher.

My view is that all so-called dysfunctional feelings and behaviors (including those I just listed above), are attempts to cope with being pushed over this threshold.

When a person is traumatized in some way, especially during childhood (which happens, to some degree, to all of us) their threshold ends up being lower than if the trauma had not happened. The more trauma you experience, the lower your threshold will be, and the more often you’ll be bothered by circumstances and life events…

…that might not bother another person
who has a higher, more “normal” threshold.

If you have a lower threshold, you’ll exhibit, and suffer from, uncomfortable feelings and behaviors more often. But even a person with a more normal threshold can be pushed over that threshold from time to time, depending on what’s going on in their life.

The solution to all of this?

Raise your threshold higher, which—by creating certain changes in the brain—is precisely what Holosync® does. As this happens, your dysfunctional feelings and behaviors happen less and less often because…

…it becomes less and less likely that whatever is happening will push you over your (now higher) threshold and trigger these feelings and behaviors in the first place.

As a result, they fall away—for good. You deal with whatever happens with more equanimity and more inner peace. This is a lot like a runner who begins with a certain physical threshold, but raises it by running every day until what would have overwhelmed him in the beginning becomes easy.

In just a minute I’m going to share my very personal story of how I created Holosync®, how it changed my life in ways I never could have imagined, and how that led me to start Centerpointe Research Institute and share it with others.

I suspect that you’ll strongly relate to my story.

But first, I want to give you a little education about the brain wave patterns Holosync® creates—and the fascinating role they play in your moment by moment existence—something I call…

Brain Wave Patterns 101

The first thing you need to know…

…is that twenty-four hours a day, as nerve cells in your brain communicate with each other, they generate electrical impulses that fluctuate rhythmically in distinct patterns called brain wave patterns.

These patterns are closely correlated with your thoughts… your emotions… your state of being… the functioning of the various systems of your body… and, in essence, the entire quality of your life!

There are four categories of brain wave patterns. The most rapid is called a beta brain wave pattern, the pattern of normal waking consciousness. Beta is associated with concentration, arousal, alertness, and cognition.

At its highest, most rapid levels, though, beta is associated with anxiety, disharmony, and dis-ease. (Perhaps the ability to slow yourself down from those levels might be beneficial to you?)

As you become more relaxed, your brain wave activity slows into what is called an alpha brain wave pattern. Alpha patterns vary from deep alpha, a state of deep relaxation often referred to as the twilight state between sleep and waking, to the higher end of alpha—a more focused yet still very relaxed state.

Four Categories of Brain Wave Patterns

(14-30 Hz)


  • Concentration, arousal, alertness, cognition
  • Higher levels associated with anxiety, unease, feelings of separation, fight or flight

(8-13.9 Hz)


  • Relaxation, superlearning, relaxed focus, light trance, increased serotonin production
  • Pre-sleep, pre-waking drowsiness, meditation, beginning of access to unconscious mind

(4-7.9 Hz)


  • Dreaming sleep (REM sleep)
  • Increased production of catecholamines (vital for learning and memory), increased creativity
  • Integrative, emotional experiences, potential change in behavior, increased retention of learned material
  • Hypnagogic imagery, trance, deep meditation, access to unconscious mind

(.1-3.9 Hz)


  • Dreamless sleep
  • Human growth hormone released
  • Deep, trance-like, non-physical state, loss of body awareness
  • Access to unconscious and “collective unconscious” mind, greatest “push” to brain when induced with Holosync®

When you’re absorbed in a good book (or a television show) you’re probably in alpha. And, as I already mentioned, alpha is often associated with what is known as superlearning—the ability to learn, process, store and…

…recall large amounts of information
quickly and efficiently.

Slower still are theta waves. Theta is best known as the brain wave state of dreaming sleep, but it is also associated with a number of other beneficial states, including increased creativity, some kinds of superlearning, increased memory abilities, visionary experiences, and what are called integrative experiences(where we make broadly-based positive changes in the way we see ourselves, others, or certain life situations).

“Ah-ha!” experiences, where you suddenly “get it,” have an insight, or a great idea suddenly comes to you, are accompanied by bursts of theta waves in your brain.

You can probably see why gaining the
ability and flexibility to access this state
might increase your effectiveness!

Here’s another exciting characteristic of the theta state: Dr. Thomas Budzynski, a noted researcher in this field, has said that critical and often self-sabotaging filters of the left brain are bypassed in a theta state, and that in terms of making positive changes in beliefs or habit patterns, “a lot of work gets done very quickly.”

Are you beginning to see the possibilities?

And best of all, theta is also a state of tremendous stress relief. In the slower theta brain wave pattern, the brain makes lots of relaxing endorphins that really do—as you will see (or rather, feel) when you try it for yourself…

…melt your stress away!

The slowest brain wave pattern is delta, the brain wave pattern of dreamless sleep. Generally people are asleep in delta, but there is evidence that it’s possible to remain alert in this state—a very deep, trance-like, non-physical state you’ll have to experience to appreciate.

In certain delta frequencies the brain releases many highly beneficial substances, including human growth hormone, which we ordinarily make in decreasing quantities as we get older—resulting in many aging symptoms including loss of muscle tone, increased weight gain, loss of stamina, and many diseases associated with aging.

Holosync® puts you into a “waking delta” state—where the most beneficial changes occur.

The positive evidence is overwhelming. These brain wave patterns of meditation dramatically improve your health, slow aging, powerfully reduce stress levels, create more happiness and inner peace…and a lot more.

Unfortunately, traditional meditation is difficult for most people to learn. Many find it difficult to stick with a meditation practice. And, the results happen so slowly that most people quit before they experience them.

That’s why Holosync® is such a tremendous breakthrough. It allows you to experience all the benefits of meditation, easily and effortlessly—and without spending years mastering the ability to meditate.

Next, let me bring all of this closer to home…

Let me give you a real-life example—
let me tell you my story…

Like you, I’ve been searching for something for most of my life…

…most of the time, not finding it. Occasionally, I found little pieces of it, but (until I found Holosync®) I never could put it all together.

Back in 1985—when I first began playing around with the kind of mind expansion technology that evolved into the Holosync® audio technology we use at Centerpointe Research Institute—my life was definitely not working.

In fact, I was miserable—angry, difficult to get along with, often depressed or anxious, and frustratingly unsuccessful at most things I tried. I did everything I could think of to solve my problems: self-help books, seminars, therapy, and several things I’d be embarrassed to admit that I tried. If something looked like it might help, I tried it…

…usually with single-minded
devotion and dedication.

It’s not that I didn’t get results from all these things. In fact, I changed a lot. Sometimes I would even have what seemed to be dramatic breakthroughs. Overall, though, my life didn’t improve very much.

Perhaps you can empathize with my situation.

I heard meditation would help, so at age 19 I started meditating—an hour, sometimes more, every day—and kept it up for sixteen years! But mastering meditation takes time—lots of time. My progress was unbearably slow, and even after sixteen years I was… miserable.

Then, totally unexpectedly, something really significant happened.

I found the new and exciting
field of neurotechnology.

I still remember the first time I listened to a cassette tape (this was before CDs) using a crude forerunner of the more advanced and refined technology we now use at Centerpointe Research Institute. It was only ten minutes long, and I have to admit I was very skeptical (as you may be), but when I finished listening…

…I felt more peaceful than I usually did (on a really good day) after 45 minutes of meditation—calm, centered, mentally sharper, somehow more in touch with myself.

And this feeling lingered for hours!

Wow, I had really found something!

Try Holosync Right Now

And, unlike the traditional meditation I’d been doing—which was hard work, often frustrating, and often didn’t feel like it was getting me anywhere—this was effortless!

As you can imagine, I became very excited about the possibilities.

Over the next three or four years I went on an incredible journey as I began to experiment with this new technology. I gathered together some electronic tone generators and some other equipment, went into a recording studio, and began making experimental soundtracks for myself.

As I began using them, unresolved emotional material began to surface and be released…

…followed by periods of incredible clarity.

During my new technologically created meditations, I began to have all kinds of inner experiences—experiences I’d read about but never really expected to have:

Dream-like visions… Unusual physical sensations… Psychic phenomena… Deep insights… Spontaneous solutions to long-standing problems… Amazing endorphin rushes and moments of incredible bliss. Often hours speeded by in what seemed like minutes.

It was all very intriguing… and very exciting!

More important, I began to have some personal breakthroughs, which I desperately needed but had never really expected to experience (some of the same breakthroughs you may be looking for in your life) and…

…my life began to change!

I shuttled back and forth between incredible experiences and powerful release of unconscious blocks. Sometimes I’d have plateaus where it didn’t seem like a lot was happening, but every time I thought I’d changed as much as I was going to, the process would start up again and…

…more positive changes would follow.

At times this process was intense as I worked through some of these old issues, but because of the super-clarity and awareness—and feelings of deep peace—that followed each breakthrough, it was definitely worth it (as you will see for yourself as you use Holosync®).

After each of these dramatic breakthroughs, the whole world seemed new—and always…

…in a way I never could have
imagined or predicted!

And the funny thing was, it all seemed so natural. The breakthroughs, and the new insights that accompanied them, once they were made, seemed so obvious it was hard to understand why I hadn’t felt that way before!

And, I could hardly wait for my Holosync® listening time each day to find out what was going to happen next.

“I tried Holosync® and I was floored! This is exactly what I was looking for—not only that, but the sounds are so accommodating to what I like to hear when I meditate …rainfall, temple bells…it was like coming home.”

—Chris Leggette

I also noticed that my mind was getting sharper,
and that mentally things seemed to flow better.

As amazing as it sounds, I could see myself becoming more intelligent, more focused, more intuitive, and more creative. My memory got better. I seemed to more easily find solutions to problems and situations that had troubled me before.

I later learned that a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, Ilya Prigogine, had developed a theoretical model regarding the evolution of complex systems (like the human mind) that described these quantum leaps in awareness and brain-power I was experiencing—to a “T”—and explained why they happened! I read everything I could get my hands on about his work.

This work later became the cornerstone of everything we do at Centerpointe Research Institute—and one of the main reasons why…

…Holosync® gives you results light years
beyond other approaches you may have tried.

I read up on the origins of this type of mind altering technology—how studies at the Menninger Clinic back in the 1970s determined the brain wave patterns of deep meditation, and how a researcher at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York discovered a property of the brain that allowed these same brain wave patterns to be induced using sound…

…so these same brain states (and the incredible results
they produce) could be experienced by anyone.

I learned a lot during this time—both from my reading and from my own personal experience—about how positive mental and emotional changes happen in the brain… and how to accelerate the whole process, while making it much, much easier.

This cutting-edge information, the fruits of all I went through during my experimentation, is packed into the follow up and support materials you’ll receive when you take advantage of my no-risk offer to experience Holosync® for yourself.

As I continued to use Holosync®, I just couldn’t believe how much my life was changing. Over time, anger and fear I’d been carrying all my life melted away. People actually began to like me. I began to like people…and get along with them! I began to assert myself.

My mind became keener. I seemed to develop an incredible clarity, not only about what I saw and experienced, but about myself and how I unknowingly been creating the misery and unhappiness I’d been experiencing.

I became more creative. I wrote music. I played jazz. I started business ventures that prospered. I taught seminars. It seemed like I was literally attracting success! I began to live a whole new kind of life, one that was light years from where I’d started.

And every day I would retreat to my meditation room to lose myself for a while…

…in deep, renewing meditation
with my Holosync® soundtracks.

And although great things were happening in my outer life, the really big change was happening inside (where it really counts).

For the first time in my life
I was peaceful, and yes—happy!

And all because of the effects of a simple—but very powerful—audio technology!

Not that I don’t still have problems and challenges—I have plenty. But the way I’m able to handle them now—well, it still amazes me how easy life has become.

Finally I just had to put all I’d learned and experienced into something I could offer to others—at a very affordable price—and in a very modest way, Centerpointe Research Institute was born.

That was in 1989. At that time, as I started Centerpointe, literally on my kitchen table, I had no idea how big it would get. At this point, nearly two million people in 193 countries have used Holosync®to improve their lives—and we’re still growing by leaps and bounds.

And, all these Holosync® users have
reported the same kinds of
super-deep changes I experienced.

Try Holosync Right Now

I went through a lot in those early years. In retrospect, I went through more struggle than was necessary, considering what we know now about how the process works.

You, however, can take advantage of all the mistakes, all the wrong turns, all the blunders—and all the discoveries—I made as I perfected what I humbly believe is not only the most powerful personal development and mind improvement tool ever created.

And, when you include the support and follow up materials you’ll get—The Holosync SolutionTM is certainly the most sophisticated, effective, and easy-to-use method ever developed for dealing with…

…the rapid positive changes
you’ll experience in this program.

Now, though, I want to tell you about some of the amazing neurophysiological reasons why Holosync® so dramatically lowers stress—and raises your threshold for dealing with whatever life hands you. As you’ll see, this is quite fascinating.

The scientific reason why Holosync® zaps stress!

My staff and I, over several decades, have communicated with nearly two million Holosync®users.

One of the most amazing things we’ve learned is that Holosync® dramatically lowers your stress level, and also makes you look and feel younger.

Here’s the scientific reason why:

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin announced to the media in 1990 that they had injected synthetic growth hormone into a small group of elderly men between the ages of 61 and 81.

The result was a sudden rejuvenation
that reversed biological aging
by as much as 20 years!

These treatments were, unfortunately, very expensive (about $14,000 a year) and the effects disappeared when the treatments were discontinued.

You, though, can stimulate the production of this and other beneficial substances, easily and safely, by exposing yourself for a little while each day to our revolutionary Holosync® technology!

Let’s look at a few key hormones and
how they’re affected by meditation—
especially Holosync® meditation…

Cortisol is a hormone naturally produced by the adrenal glands. According to Vincent Giampapa, M.D., Past President of The American Board of Anti-Aging Medicinecortisol is the major age-accelerating hormone. It also interferes with learning and memory and is, in general, bad news for your health and your well-being.

Cortisol is often referred to as the “stress hormone.” It also interferes with learning and memory and is, in general, bad news for your health and your well-being. The more of it you have, the more stressed you feel… the more susceptible you are to disease…

…and the faster you age!

DHEA, another hormone produced by your adrenal glands, is a precursor, or source ingredient, to virtually every hormone your body needs. Your DHEA level is a key determinant of physiological age and resistance to disease. When levels are low, you’re more susceptible to aging and disease; when they’re high…

…your body is at its peak—vibrant, healthy,
and able to combat disease effectively.

DHEA acts as a buffer against stress-related hormones (such as cortisol), which is why as you get older and make less DHEA you are more susceptible to stress and disease.

How important is DHEA?

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (December 11, 1986) found that a 100 microgram per deciliter increase in DHEA blood levels corresponded with a 48% reduction in mortality due to cardiovascular disease—and a 36% reduction in mortality for any reason!

DHEA is very important!

A third hormone, melatonin, helps create restful sleep. We make less melatonin as we age, and since it’s during sleep that many important rejuvenating substances are created in the brain, the inability to sleep soundly can dramatically decrease the quality of your life—and greatly accelerate the aging process.

New research also reveals that melatonin isn’t just “the sleep hormone”—it’s also a powerful antioxidanteven more powerful than Vitamin E.

So how does Holosync® affect levels of these three substances having so much affect on the quality (and length) of your life?

In a before and after study of 19 people using
Holosync® the following changes were noted in
levels of DHEA, cortisol, and melatonin:

bullet_2_s5_blue_sh In just three days, over 68% had increases in DHEA levelswith an average increase of 43.77%.
bullet_2_s5_blue_sh Cortisol, on the other hand, was down an average of 46.47%.
bullet_2_s5_blue_sh Finally, melatonin levels increased by an average of 97.77%.

What does this mean to you? It means that listening to soundtracks containing Holosync® not only dramatically lowers stress by regulating the biochemical source of stress, it also means that Holosync® slows the aging process and…

…increases both well-being and longevity!

By the way, Dr. Giampapa’s research subjects were listening to the exact same soundtracks you’ll be listening to in the Holosync SolutionTM program.

Pretty exciting, don’t you think? Over the many years this program has existed, I’ve consistently noticed that participants looked (and reported feeling) younger and more alive, but until Dr. Giampapa’s research, we didn’t know exactly why.

Based on the results I’ve seen over the years in people using these soundtracks, I’d be willing to bet we’ll discover listening to Holosync® stimulates production of a number of other vital neurochemicals associated with improved emotional health, lower stress, and increased mental functioning. Now we’re beginning to find out.

“Not everybody has two hours a day to sit, nor do many people have the discipline to sit there for two hours and meditate–they just don’t have the time or the patience. Holosync® really helps you do that…it helps you get the benefits of meditation without making that much effort.”

—Colette Bourassa

Finally, I’ve been saving the best for last. It’s something called brain synchronization—and I’m going to tell you how achieving it through your use of Holosync® can profoundly change the way you experience yourself and your world, increase your happiness and sense of inner peace, and allow you to…

…tap into genius-like abilities.

So what is brain synchronization…
and how can it create a revolution in your life?

As we slow the brain waves from beta to alpha to theta to delta using Holosync®

…there is a corresponding increase in balance between the two hemispheres of the brain. This more balanced brain state is called brain synchrony, or brain synchronization.

What this means to you: As the brain waves slow and the brain balances, you more and more tap into what scientists call whole-brain thinking, or whole-brain functioning.

What is whole-brain thinking?

It’s using both sides of your brain to think in a more coherent way, instead of using one side at a time, as we usually do. It’s like thinking in stereo. Whole-brain thinking gives you a kind of meta-awareness, a new perspective—a view from a higher spot on the mountain.

Whole- brain functioning is associated with increased creativity… insight… learning ability… problem solving ability… pattern recognition… memory… and what some people call…


This type of brain function has been associated with geniuses—the Einsteins and Mozarts of the world. Quite frankly, I suspect this is the same type of higher brain function of, say, Stephen CoveyWalt DisneyStephen HawkingSteve Jobs, and other creative, high-performance individuals like them.

As amazing as it may seem, we really do now have a method for tapping into this kind of whole brain, integrative, super-functioning, high-performance, creative thinking—a level of brain functioning that up until now has been reserved to…

…one-tenth of one-percent of humankind!

Are you beginning to see how exciting this is??

Researcher Dr. Lester Fehmi has said that brain synchronization is correlated experientially with a union with experience, and ‘into-it-ness.’ Instead of feeling separate and narrow-focused you tend to feel more into it… There’s a whole-brain sensory integration going on and it’s as if you become less self-conscious and function more intuitively.

Sound familiar? This is exactly the state many people call being “in the zone,” where you’re functioning at the top of your game! And it’s now possible to get there—easily!

Synchronizing your brain can quite simply catapult you to much higher levels of effectiveness in your life. Neurologist Jerre Levy of the University of Chicagohad this to say about brain synchronization and personal effectiveness:

“Great men and women of history did not merely have superior intellectual capacities within each hemisphere [of the brain]. They had phenomenal levels of emotional commitments, motivation, attentional capacity—all of which reflected the highly integrated brain in action.”

How did these great thinkers and leaders achieve this brain integration? I truly don’t know. Some people come by it naturally.

But I do know how you can do it!

Try Holosync Right Now

Another scientist called brain synchronization

“…extremely beneficial, with each subject feeling as if his or her mind had reached a higher level of integration, with accompanying increases in mental powers and an unmistakable reorientation toward life.”

You may not end up a genius, but then again… who knows? I do know this: those who use this technology routinely tap into a whole range of remarkable abilities they didn’t know they had!

And don’t forget, the super-deep meditation and brain synchronization you’ll experience with Holosync® also creates some truly amazing changes in mental and emotional health. Anger, depression, sadness, anxiety, substance abuse, and a whole universe of dysfunctional feelings and behaviors fall away—even in people who have “tried everything” without success!

If you’re as excited as I am about the
possibilities, here’s how you can create
these same changes in yourself:

So you can get the maximum benefit from this powerful technology…

…we’ve created a comprehensive program called The Holosync SolutionTM. The initial level is called Awakening PrologueTM and includes:

bullet_2_s5_blue_sh The Holosync® soundtracks you’ll use for your daily listening (the powerful core of the program)…
bullet_2_s5_blue_sh Unlimited access to our Accelerated Results Coaching™ staff (these people are experts in Holosync®, how it works, and what’s likely to happen as you use it—most of them have been with me for ten or more years, and you have unlimited accessto them by phone or email)…
bullet_2_s5_blue_sh Comprehensive video, audio, and written support materials (I’ll explain these in a moment)…
bullet_2_s5_blue_sh A huge package of introductory materials giving you more background about Holosync®, how you’ll benefit, and what’s likely to happen as you use it…
bullet_2_s5_blue_sh Several additional bonus Holosync® soundtracks (see below)…
bullet_2_s5_blue_sh Two other valuable bonus extras I know you’ll love (see below)…

Here’s what happens as you
use Awakening PrologueTM:

You listen with stereo headphones or ear buds, sitting comfortably with closed eyes (or, if you prefer, you may lie down). Each time you listen, Holosync®stimulates a part of each brain hemisphere called the olivary nucleus, taking you into the brain waves of deep meditation.

To process the Holosync® stimulus, your brain creates new neural pathways connecting the left and right sides of your brain.

The creation of these new
neural pathways has three results:

Result #1:

very pleasurable experience during listening (and often for some time afterwards). As Holosync® changes your brain wave patterns to those of deep meditation, the brain produces several very pleasurable neurochemicals, including endorphins (the same endorphins responsible for “runner’s high”)…as well as several hormones with a profound and positive effect on longevity, aging, stress, and well-being.

Result #2:

The creation of the “whole-brain thinking”, along with all the improvements in mental clarity, creativity, and focus already discussed.

Result #3:

Remarkable changes in mental/emotional health and your ability to handle stress. So-called dysfunctional feelings and behaviors begin to fall away. Your life comes into balance in a way you never could have imagined—and your level of happiness and inner peace increasesdramatically.
“I noticed effects from the first day. I experienced a greater sense of confidence, well being. I experienced a sense of euphoria and also a sense that finally I found something that is making changes to me and is living up to the promises it made..”

—Imran Hassan

But this is just the beginning…

At a certain point (generally after about four to six months), your brain will have made all the changes it needs to make to handle the Holosync® we use in Awakening PrologueTM. At that point you’re like a runner who’s been running two miles a day for several months, and now two miles is easy, because the body has created the physical structure that can easily handle it.

At this point, if you find yourself saying “Wow! This is amazing, and I want to continue this process,” you can move to the second level of The Holosync SolutionTM, where we take you into the same alpha, theta, and delta brain wave patterns, but this time using what is called a lower carrier frequency.

The carrier frequency is what the precise sine wave tones of the Holosync® stimulus “ride” on. Several years ago I discovered that lowering the carrier frequency makes Holosync® much stronger, increasing the stimulus to the brain, creating an even deeper meditation experience… and…

…further increasing all the mental,
emotional, and spiritual benefits.

This incredible secret of increasingly lower carrier frequencies is the “Master Key” to getting the greatest benefit from this type of technologically enhanced meditation and…

…no one else in the neuro-
technology field is doing it!

This second, deeper level is called Awakening Level 1, and usually takes about six months to complete. At that point, you’re ready for Awakening Level 2, where we again lower the carrier frequency, once again increasing the input to the brain—and once again taking you to still deeper changes!

And so it goes, until over time we’ve taken you to the lowest carrier frequency possible. There are, in fact, twelve levels after Awakening PrologueTM, each with progressively lower carrier frequencies, if you choose to experience them all.

Let me be very clear, though, that each level is complete within itself and there’s no obligation to continue to the next level—unless (like most people) you find yourself saying “Wow! This is veryamazing and I definitely want to continue this process.”

Custom-made soundtracks!

One more thing. Beginning in Awakening Level 1 (which, remember, is the second level), we add another innovation—the second reason why this program is so powerful: we begin to customize your soundtracks, adding silent affirmations chosen by you and recorded in your own voice!

You see, it turns out that in these slower brain wave patterns, your typical left-brain filters are bypassed, and the affirmations (personally chosen by you and recorded in your own voice) go directly to your unconscious mind…

…creating change at a very deep
level—to your specifications.

We stopped using traditional “masked” subliminal affirmations several years ago (I wasn’t convinced they really worked). We now use a proprietary technology called Autofonix®, based on research at the Medical College of Virginia on a technological method for communicating with the profoundly deaf.

Soon after you start the program, we’ll send you more information about this new silent communication technology, how it works, and how you can add it to your soundtracks.

Autofonix® creates results old fashioned
“subliminal” methods can’t touch!

Finally, here’s a third big reason why our program is different from any other personal growth or mind expansion tool on the planet: our extensive “high-touch” follow up, support and education to help you get the most from the program.

The best customer support
you’ve ever experienced!

This support includes:

bullet_2_s5_blue_sh A series of bi-weekly Follow Up Support Letters (in video, audio, and written format so you can watch, listen, or read), describing what’s likely to happen, why it’s happening, and how to easily handle the accelerated changes you’ll experience.
bullet_2_s5_blue_sh Unlimited telephone and email access to our Accelerated Results Coaching™staff if you have questions, need special help, or just want to discuss your experience with someone who understands Holosync®.
bullet_2_s5_blue_sh Special Reports on the latest research and breakthroughs in the field.
bullet_2_s5_blue_sh When you move to Awakening Level 1, the first custom-recorded Holosync®level, you’ll also receive my book Managing Evolutionary Growth, delving even more deeply into the subject of smoothly handling the deep and rapid change Holosync®creates. (Therapists in the program rave about this book!)
bullet_2_s5_blue_sh By the way, I want you to be sure to read my blog, where I discuss many different aspects of personal and spiritual growth, personal success, and emotional healing. Just go to The Blog That Ate Mind Chatter.

We offer, without a doubt, the most “high-touch” customer support you’ve ever experienced.We offer to develop a relationship with you so you can take advantage of our decades of experience and expertise about Holosync® and get every bit of benefit possible from your use of Holosync®.

Boiled down to the bare essentials,
here’s what you get:

The most powerful meditation, brain-enhancing, and personal growth tool you’ve ever experienced—
a tool that creates incredible positive changes in mental abilities, emotional health, stress level, personal awareness, and overall well-being, and…
two-bullet The cutting-edge expertise, follow up and support to smooth out the process so you easily make the deep changes you want to make, easily and effortlessly.

At this point you might be asking, “Okay, what’s the
downside? Are there any drawbacks or negatives?

Yes, there are some, and I want you to be aware of them.

First Drawback:

I’ll warn you, right up front, that Holosync® will create a revolution in your life. Holosync® creates the kind of deep meditation that usually takes decades to achieve. The awareness this creates will put you face-to-face with… well, with yourself.

If you choose to participate in The Holosync SolutionTM program, you’ll eventually have to deal with previously unconscious parts of yourself that have kept you from being as clear-minded, happy, peaceful, and effective as you’d like to be. And, I promise…

…this will be the best thing
that ever happened to you.

We all have parts our ourselves that are out of sight but nonetheless operate to sabotage us, create turmoil in our lives, make us more reactive—and less happy than we could be. Holosync® will allow you to see and resolve these issues—and, sometimes, this can be uncomfortable, at least temporarily.

Holosync® will create a new balance in your life (which, believe me, you will welcome with open arms). The out-of-balance parts, however, will most likely put up a struggle as you bid them farewell because on some level… in some way… to some degree… you will resist that change, you may experience some upheaval now and then.

Of course, we will help you.

We’ll give you extensive and effective support (at no charge, as part of the cost of the program) from our extremely knowledgeable Accelerated Results Coaching™ support staff. These people have years of experience with Holosync®, and can help you minimize any discomfort (discomfort, in this program, is definitely optional).

And, please keep this in mind: Any upheaval you experience is not only temporary, it will generally be no greater than whatever upheaval you’re already experiencing in your life.

We’ve never had anyone—considering the phenomenal results—who didn’t think it was well worth it.

Listen. I don’t want to overemphasize the possible cathartic nature of your experience. For most people it’s minimal—but it is a possibility, and I thought you should know about it.

Second drawback:

Participating in this program requires that you use your Holosync® soundtracks (!)—which takes some time. Though you’re free to do less (and progress more slowly), we suggest that you start with a half hour of listening each day, progressing to an hour a day. My bet is you’ll eagerly look forward to these sessions, though, rather than seeing them as a chore.

And, you can actually do your Holosync® listening session during your last hour of sleep (I’ll give you the details on the best way to do this once you’re in the program)—so that it takes zero timeout of your day. And, believe me, you’ll get out of bed feeling more alive and energized than if you’d slept that last hour.

Besides, Holosync® users look forward to their listening session because the experience is wonderful, and you feel so good afterwards. But still, you do have to be willing to actually use the program. If you aren’t willing—if you don’t think the incredible mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits of this program are worth the time commitment—this isn’t for you.

Finally, you might be asking:

Is the program safe?
Are there any long-term dangers?

Not unless you find increased happiness, greater peace of mind, improved mental functioning, greater self-awareness, better emotional health, and a feeling of greater aliveness dangerous.

At this point, nearly two million people in over 193 countries have used Holosync® to improve their lives, dating back to 1989 (1985 if you count the original research group). So far, I’m not aware of a single person who has reported any negative results (other than a little bit of discomfort from time to time as part of the healing process).

And, the program has been heartily endorsed by scores of doctors, naturopaths, and mental health practitioners, as well many other leaders in the personal growth field, including even world-famous Zen teachers and Zen masters!

We feel very confident—after over nearly three decades of investigation and nearly three BILLION hours of use by nearly 2 million people (not to mention at least 12 years of research in this field by others prior to my own involvement)—that Holosync® is 100% safe and will create an absolutely remarkable, positive, life-changing experience for you.

So, if you’re ready to give the program a try,
here’s my risk-free offer
(in fact it’s better than risk-free):

I know you may be skeptical. I know I was when I first heard about this. Everybody always promises the moon with these personal growth approaches, and I know I’ve promised you a lot here.

All I want is the chance to prove to you that everything I’ve said in this letter is absolutely real and true and that Holosync®, and the program I’ve created around it, truly will change your life. With our No-Questions-Asked One-Year Money-Back Guaranteethere’s absolutely no risk to try Holosync® and find out for yourself just how dramatically it will improve your life.

Here’s how you can try Holosync® for yourself…

Please let me send you the initial level of our program, Awakening PrologueTM—at absolutely no risk to you. You get so much with Awakening PrologueTMthat…

I’d like to go over everything
you’ll get, in detail:

The Dive™, Immersion™, and Introduction to Holosync® (soundtracks)

The Dive™ and Immersion™ are the powerhouse Holosync® soundtracks that drive the entire program.While you’re hearing the sounds of soothing rain and distant crystal bowls through stereo headphones, the embedded Holosync® tones in The Dive™gradually slow your brain waves from a meditative alpha brain wave pattern to a slower theta pattern…

…and finally to the slowest delta pattern (where the greatest amount of change happens).

Then, in the Immersion™ soundtrack, Holosync® tones embedded beneath sounds of soothing rain will hold you in this deep delta pattern for the remainder of your Holosync®session.

And all the while, you’ll be experiencing super-deep, pleasurable meditation—as if you’d been meditating for 30+ years. When you finish, you’ll feel terrific—you’ll be high on your own pleasurable brain chemicals, stimulated by Holosync®.

Experiencing these healing brain wave patterns each day creates powerful positive changes in the brain, including the creation of new neural pathways connecting the left and right hemispheres of your brain—and creating all the positive benefits I’ve described in this letter.

The Dive™ and Immersion™ famously allow you to “Meditate like a Zen monk at the push of a button”! You will love them.

You’ll also get a third soundtrack: An Introduction to Holosync® where I explain everything you need to know about Holosync® and how to get started—and thoroughly enjoy your new relationship with us.

Finally, you also get a huge packet of introductory written materials.

This part of the package is valued at $179.00.

Quietude™ (soundtrack)

We’ll use Holosync® to place you in an alpha brain wave pattern, that of focus, concentration, and accelerated learning. You’ll become completely absorbed in whatever you’re reading—or, for that matter, in anything you do requiring focus and concentration. And, you’ll remain refreshed even after hours of concentration. Quietude™ will dramatically increase your productivity and learning ability.Quietude™ normally sells for $29.00, but it’s yours FREE just for trying Awakening PrologueTM.

Making Change Easy™(soundtrack)

We often unconsciously resist changing even the habits, beliefs, or ways of thinking we’d rather not have.Making Change Easy™ places you in a theta brain wave pattern, creating what scientists call integrative experiences—where we suddenly see ourselves, others, or a particular situation from a new and more resourceful perspective.

Then, while you’re in this highly suggestive theta state, where we can speak directly to your unconscious mind, we add positive affirmations, using our proprietary Autofonix® silent messaging technology—messages that help you easily make the changes you want to make—mentally, emotionally, or behaviorally.

Making Change Easy™ is ordinarily $29.00, but it’s your FREE just for trying Awakening PrologueTM.

Super Longevity™(2-soundtrack set)

I created Super Longevity™ in collaboration with Vincent Giampapa, M.D., noted longevity researcher and past-president of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine.These two powerful soundtracks use Holosync® and Autofonix® affirmations to create powerful changes in important brain chemicals related to aging and longevity, including DHEA, cortisol, and melatonin. If you want to slow the aging process and feel more vitality and energy, you’ll love Super Longevity™.

Super Longevity™ usually sells for $49.00, but it’s yours FREE just for trying Awakening PrologueTM.

Thresholds of the Mind(book)

You’ll also get a copy of my bestselling book, Thresholds of the Mind. Over one million people have read Thresholds of the Mind, and many have called it the best personal development and self-improvement book they’ve ever read.You’ll learn about the science behind Holosync®, how it works, what happened as nearly two million others used it, and much more. This book means so much to Holosync® users that many bring it to public events so I can autograph it for them. Embarrassing for me, but also a compliment—and evidence of how much Thresholds of the Mind means to those who’ve read it.

A $19.00 value, Thresholds of the Mind is yours FREE just for trying Awakening PrologueTM.

“The Inside Secrets of How to be Happy, Peaceful and Successful All the Time™” (audio)

You’ll receive a series of my talks at a Centerpointe retreat (seven hours of information valued at $97.00).This spontaneous back-and-forth with a live audience includes fascinating background about Holosync®, how I created it, how it differs from traditional meditation and other personal growth approaches, what happens as you use it, and the philosophy behind our innovative approach to creating rapid personal changes.

You’ll also enjoy the questions and comments of long-time Holosync® users.

And get this: These talks are so fascinating that when used in place of “on hold” music many callers asked to be put back on hold to finish listening!

A $97.00 value, “The Inside Secrets of How to be Happy, Peaceful and Successful All the Time™” is yours FREE just for trying Awakening PrologueTM.

Accelerated Results Coaching™

You’ll also receive unlimited coaching (by phone or email) from our highly trained support coaches. Most of these people have been with me for ten or more years. This support coaching is worth at least $300.00 (much more depending on how much you use it)—but is yours at no extra charge with Awakening PrologueTM.We’re quite proud of our “high-touch” support and customer service and I can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself.

These experienced and knowledgeable Holosync® experts are there to make sure you have the breakthroughs you want—and that you always have someone to talk to about your Holosync®experience.

This unlimited expert coaching is worth at least $300.00 (or more, depending on how much you use it) but is yours FREE just for trying Awakening PrologueTM.

Bi-weekly Follow-Up Support Letters (in video, audio, and written format)

This is one of the most popular parts of The Holosync Solution™ program. In video, audio, and written format, to help you learn in the way you prefer, this fascinating information will help you get all the benefits of Holosync®.A $197.00 value—but yours FREE just for trying Awakening PrologueTM.

Special Report: The Science Behind Holosync® and Other Neurotechnologies

Finally, we’ll also send you a hefty Special Research Report ($15.00 value) outlining the exciting scientific research behind this groundbreaking technology.

As you can see, you get A LOT
with Awakening PrologueTM

I hope I’ve convinced you that Holosync® really is the easiest, most effective way to create all the positive changes you’ve wanted to make.

Based on nearly three decades of experience with nearly two million Holosync® users—and my own personal experience with Holosync®

…I KNOW you can be happier
and more peaceful.

I also know that you can stop being reactive with the other people in your life…and that you can stop feeling anxious, or depressed, or angry.

I promise that you can have all the mental benefits of meditation—where creative ideas easily come to you…where you learn faster and remember better…where you think more clearly and figure things out more easily—but without having to meditate for thirty or more years to get these benefits.

You can also slow the aging process, and feel much less stress.

And, you can also have the spiritual benefits of meditation everyone talks about: You can feel more connected to other people and, in fact, to the whole world. You can feel more comfortable in your own skin and know that you have a place and a purpose in the world. If you’re a person of faith, your faith will increase, and deepen.

Or, you can keep doing
what you’ve been doing…

red-x You can keep attending seminars and courses—which you really have to admit haven’t created the deep changes you really hoped for. (How much have you already spent?)
red-x Or, you could pay $1500-$2000 for a meditation mantra from a famous meditation group, or attend long meditation retreats.
red-x You could try “total immersion”, where you become a monk and devote your life to meditation and spiritual work, leaving your friends and family and the other things you like to do.
red-x And, there’s always expensive therapy. Some of it actually works (I’ve done it myself, though I have to say that I changed 500x more from Holosync®).

Imagine, years from
now, how you’ll feel…

…knowing that you’re still in approximately the same place you are today—and that you could have experienced amazing personal changes, using our fast, easy, proven (and 100% guaranteed) method—in the privacy of your own home.

On the other hand, how would it feel to become the person you really want to be—mentally, emotionally, and spiritually—just by putting on your headphones each day and allowing Holosync® to give you all the benefits of super-deep meditation…

…at a fraction of the cost, and
without the struggle?

If you add it all up, what you get with Awakening PrologueTM is worth $906.00 (though the personal changes it creates are priceless).

My accountant (being an accountant) has been trying to convince me that we should charge at least $495.00 for Awakening PrologueTM. And, considering all the amazing personal changes you’ll experience, $495 would actually be quite a bargain.

He doesn’t understand, though, why I’m doing this. Sure, Centerpointe is a business. I have employees to pay and lots of other expenses.

But especially at this point, I’m on a mission to get as many people using Holosync® as I possibly can—my current goal is 100 million Holosync® users. Because we already have so many people using it, the economy of scale allows me to offer it to you for MUCH less than what my accountant suggested: just $179 if you’d like Awakening PrologueTM on CDs… or $159 if you want the downloadable MP3 version…

…including all the bonus items, and all
the support features I mentioned above.

In fact, if you get the CD version, I’ll also include the downloadable version—at no extra cost.

Finally, to make Holosync® even more affordable, you can even pay in six easy payments—an initial payment of $49 followed by five monthly payments of $28 ($49 down plus five payments of $24 if you want the MP3 version).

Over the four to six months the average person uses Awakening PrologueTM, this amounts to the cost of a couple of coffee drinks a week, or a McDonalds Big Mac and a drink once a week.

Surely getting all the life-changing benefits I’ve described for such a trivial amount is one of the biggest no brainers ever.

Hopefully, it’s worth the cost of two
coffee drinks a week, or a weekly meal
at McDonalds, to change your life…

And think of what you’ll save by not needing to attend any more expensive courses and seminars—which admittedly can be fun, but realistically only make you feel better temporarily, and rarely create real and lasting change.

Finally, consider the intangible—but incredibly important—costs you pay every day by not functioning at your mental and emotional peak…

…and feeling the happiness and inner
peace you could be experiencing.

I know you want all the benefits I’ve mentioned—more happiness… less stress… more inner peace… greater feelings of connection with others… slowing the aging process… more clarity of mind… more creativity… better learning… and all the rest.

And, I know that you also want to end your stress… your emotional reactivity… your anxiety… your bad habits… to be more motivated and confident, more comfortable in your own skin…

…and to let go of anything else that’s been
keeping you from living the happy and
successful life I know you want.