How long before people on de-wormer see parasites coming out?

I do not know about Barefoot’s product, but I had tons & tons of parasites come out with Humaworm and also with just Black-Walnut , Colloidal Silver(some use clove tincture instead, for killing the eggs – if you make Colloidal Silver be sure to use distilled water or you could turn blue!), & wormwood.

They started coming out within days of the Humanworm and I saw them for about 3 months using those other products also.

If you want to know if you have tapeworms, take about 1/3 tsp 2-3 times per day of cayenne powder in whatever you may wish to cool it down with. Within a few days you should start to see “white rice” in your stools. Hulda Clark says everyone has tapeworms. Those white things are segments from them.

If you see those you can bet your bottom dollar you have other kinds of parasites inside too. Clark says everyone she ever tested – included herself and family – had Tapeworms and other parasites as well, & I believe it.

Cayenne pepper does not kill the head of the tapeworm, which is what reproduces. But it is great for your health, is repoted to kill parasites, & provides an ongoing check to see if those “white rice” are gone.

The only thing that has made them go away for me is food grade diatomaceous earth called Pharmaguard, which has no side effects, abt 1 heaping tsp in the morning on an empty stomach (except for maybe juice.) You can get it cheap on ebay. DE does not kill liver flukes however, as they are not in the intestines but in the billiary ducts. You are not likely to find parasites with DE. It slices and dices them. For this reason I think using DE maybe a 2 weeks after using herbal products is a something to consider, so you have more of a more accurate idea of what the battlefield is really like.

Wormwood is what has killed liver flukes & Ascaris for me, mixed with Black-Walnut . There were 2 to 3 (I saw something in pieces, don’t know how many it made) shockingly huge Ascaris that I suspect would not be affected by DE as they had rather tough exteriors. Wormwood stuns, but does not kill. I used wormwood, then several hours later on an empty stomach had a psyllium & Bentonite clay drink which helped to push the big monsters on out while they were stunned.

The best way, I think, to see if you have parasites dying is to do low colonics, maybe 2 cups per bag of water. Add some acidophilus yogurt into the last bag to help build back your good bacteria.

You do not want high colonics as they will deplete them. Also, eat some acidophilus yogurt every day.
(However, if you are using Diatomaceous Earth you may not see anything because the DE slices & dices them. When DE got rid of my “white rice” it was just a case of total disappearance, almost overnight.)

I think a zapper is a great investment as it can reach some areas that herbs cannot reach. Probably it would be best to use paracides for a month before staring on the zapper. Combing the two methods could cause too much die off if you just start in with both initially.

There is a ton of free info on Hulda Clark on Youtube and Google video, also you can get her book at Amazon, maybe used, or here on CZ.

My experiments with zappers have caused me to feel that it is good to use different frequencies.

For months I just used a 30hz zapper. The die off was awful at first, but as time went by I came to be able to wear mine for hours on end and this helped me greatly with increased energy. When I would take it off, I would sag. When I tried 15 hz, I found the neuropathy in my feet had improved greatly! I also got some not too bad die off when using the 15 hz zapper initially, even each time I would use it at a new place in the body.

Do not start using a zapper and a paracide mixture at the same time. Use one for a month, then add the other. Otherwise you may have too ferocious die off.

Btw, if you try everything and still don’t feel well, some people have found that round the clock zapping (as much as possible) for a month or so has led them to good health. Hulda Clark recommended that for people with serious health concerns. Build up gradually, now, if you decide to do this.

You probably have parasites & they are not easy to get rid of, plus you have to do maintainence ongoing especially if you have pets, but really their eggs are virtually everywhere. If you feel badly before you feel better, maybe with fatigue, rashes, well, that is very common. I would start on a weekend, or even on vacation if possible.

I have definitely seen a need for an arsenal of parasite killers. For example, wormwood caused me to expel the unbelievably huge ascaris, but had no effect at all on the “white rice”/tapeworm segments.

Activated charcoal can help with die off (slso in removing mercury, lead, etc.)

Only DE got rid of the tapeworms, though I killed a few tapeworms, heads & all, with pumpkin seed oil.
Be verrrry careful not to breath DE into the lungs as it can harm the delicate tissues there, though the GI tract is much tougher and is not harmed at all.

I hope you are doing, or will do, liver flushes. Virtually everyone has liver stones too. However, if you do the flushes before about a month of parasite cleansing, they can make you sick. This was true for me. After the parasite cleansing they had a far, far more mild affect on me.

The flushes strengthen the liver and help clean out parasites.

Don’t quit ongoing maintainence, mho. I mean daily. They don’t stop reproducing & really you have no way to know if they are all gone – & they probably aren’t. Their eggs are everywhere, & we all know how insidiously they can inhabit a human body.

Don’t count on most lab tests. Many of us have gotten false negatives, then have seen a virtual army of the monsters with paracides.

From my personal experience, I think it is true that a Beck/Sota magnetic pulser will expell parasites that hide out away from zappers & herbals. It won’t kill them, but it will (I believe, again, based on personal experience) get them out in the open when the zapper & herbals can reach them. The Beck protocol in general is very good – though I use zappers instead of his blood electrifier due to medicine issues. Btw I have not found a problem with several meds or many supplements using the magnetic pulser, though most – not all – sites warn against combining them.

One more thing.

If you do all these things to get rid of parasites & you still don’t feel good, you might want to consider that you have mercury and/or other heavy metal build up in your body. I found this out about myself from Dr. Chi’s book on fingernail & tongue analysis, tho some people get hair analysis.

For me, apparently heavy with much mercury, Kombucha tea (lots of info on that here on Curezone & on the net & you can make it cheaply & easily) & chlorella have made a huge difference. I drink a gallon, yes a gallon a day, which contains 2 tsp of Yaeyama chlorella, lots of cayenne pepper, also some other spices to taste. Works for me.

If I stop drinking it I have problems. (Edit: I have been using a jar of activated charcoal to get rid of mercury, which is less time consuming, although it does not give the nice alkalinity boost of Kombucha.)

No, I won’t get my dental fillings replaced. For one thing I saw a vid by Hulda Clark where she said she was sorry for telling people to get their mercury fillings replaced, as the replacement materials turned out to have problems also.

Oh, re supplements. Milk thistle & lots of it is essential for the liver, plus liver powder and/or tablets, especially if it is from Argentine beef. L’Ornithine helps one to sleep at night (not with L’arginine in it, tho) and mops up the waste products of parasites.
Everyone should be taking iodine. See Youtube vids by Dr. David Brownstein & Dr. Bob DeMaria. You can’t count on those blood tests necessarily – or for some other things either, actually. CoQ10 is essential. Lots of it sold in health food stores can actually deplete you CoQ10! I was taking it faithfully every day & showed up with virtually none in my blood work. Mho has the best CoQ10/unbiquinol. B50 is great.

I personally found Nattokinase to have definite health benefits, also.
Be sure your thyroid & adrenals are okay. See website for symptoms on both, & muuuch helpful info. Blood tests are not always accurate for either concern, as I found out personally, but that site has good advice concerning that problem.
Here is some info on zappers, also, in case it might help. I am just linking one post of mine in a string, but there are other posts following in that string, about zappers, which also might be useful.

If you even suspect you might have thyroid and/or adrenal problems, Dr. Lam’s website (he also has a forum here on CZ), and the stopthethyroidmadness website are indispensible. Lots of reading with both sites but you will learn invaluable info.

A few tips about thyroid & adrenal that helped me. First, if you can’t get Armour thyroid, which is the natural & best one, in this country you can order it from Canada and it is not that much more expensive, tho you do need a prescription. As the STTM site says, dividing up your adrenal medication (& the otc glandulars, as Dr. Lam says, do indeed likely make you worse) into 4 doses a day can make all the difference in how you function. Check out liponano C, per Ask Dr. Lam. If you can tolerate it, it is fantastic for adrenals. Go slowly if you get some.

Re hydrocortisone, well, some folk (not me of course! ahem!) who have the symptoms, but can’t get a doctor to gived them a urine test and/or don’t feel he’s prescribing as much as they need, have found it online overseas. It’s pricey that way though.

Be your own advocate. You are not at all unlikely to get a doctor who pooh poohs your symptoms & wants to go only by blood tests. If this happens, shop around.

Also: If I had it to do over again I would start with diatomaceous earth, food grade, for about 2 weeks because it kills without side effects, i.e. die off. Zapper tips:

Someone on CZ asked for an opinion on a good diet with parasite cleansing (really with anything), so if you are curioius also:

Here is a link that shows you how to assess & plot thyroid &/or adrenal weakness. Dr. Lam, from the Ask Dr. Lam forum here at CZ says this chart “Is to be respected”.

Last but not least, if your ph levels are out of whack, no matter what you do you may never get well or feel better. With 6.5 to 7.5, approximately, being optimum, do you know that if you have a 5.0 or so ph level, you are 100X more acidic than at 6.0.! I have heard the test strips are better than the roll papers & that was true for me. Earth Clinic has some good info on how to get the ph levels in shape. It’s easy & pretty cheap. But take extra potassium, along with chromium & folic acid if you use baking soda. (Twinlab potassium worked best, by far, for me, personally, of several kinds I tried.) The natural way, with an alkaline diet, is of course best.

Probably most of what I have learned either came from Curezone, or Curezone got me started searching for more information that was helpful. Also – I gotta give credit where credit it due, I found prayer to be indispensable.

P.S. If you are suffering from depression, cold showers can help a ton. No, they don’t negatively impact the libido at all, in fact may increase it. Earth Clinic is one of many sites telling about the benefits of cold showers. There is hard core resesarch on them, too. A tablespoon of emulsified fish oil per day works wonders too.


9/22/10 Addendum. Ann Wigmore’s protocol is great, mho. I am finding that growing & juicing organic wheatgrass is AWESOME for increased energy levels and overall health & healing, especially if taken on an empty stomach 1st thing in the morning, but throughout the day is good too. I honestly believe it helps with attention deficit disorder too – if used in conjunction with organic foods, avoiding the usual Sugar & corn & refined wheat no nos. I pray to never be without it again! Eating organic home grown sprouts of various kinds is also energizing. Sprouted organic popcorn has a nice sweet taste for helping in dieting. It satisfies but does not cause weight gain (just like prunes, per my experience). The kernels are always kind of hard, unlike most sprouts, but can still be eaten along with the white roots for their packed in nutrients. It’s the green part that is sweet though.

Rejuvelac, very easy to make from unhulled winter wheat, has been won-der-ful in giving me, personally, more energy.
A quart, at least, a day does the trick. This takes far less time than juicing, though I have time at present & so fo both.

Ann Wigmore’s “energy soup” is also great. I only use 1/4 avocado personally as those things are fattening!