The Empathic Civilisation

Here is an inspiring video about what’s possible. Other healers and i are all seeing a

 powerful vision of coming together, in love and hope, to imagine and manifest a better world.   When we stand for the best in ourselves, the best in the one another, and the best in the world, we can help it become possible.  I am really truly inspired by the people that are part of this world-wide community movement .

I want to share something that inspires me.  It is that I know, without a doubt, that no matter what challenges we each may face, we are indeed heading in the direction of that beautiful world that all of you have envisioned.  Even if we still have mountains to scale, we are on our way.  This isn’t just some inspirational idea either, it’s actually grounded in research.  

I want to share a video with you, from a researcher that studied the development empathy throughout history.  It explains a lot!  Including, I imagine, why so many  of us are so very much on the same page about what we can create as The Age As Mashiach Is Set To Arrive  .  It’s a video about the evidence on how we are evolving to be a more connected and empathetic species.  It’s an actual evolutionary process we are a part of.

It’s not just some inspirational vision to imagine that we can grow to be a more inclusive thriving society.  It is a near evolutionary certainty.  We just have to get there.

I encourage you to take the 10 minutes to watch the entire thing.  I believe it will bring you some hope in these turbulent times. 

As you’ll see, he really explains the significance of empathy in our evolving species.  Empathy really holds the key for us to grow into a healthier and more peaceful planet, and it can be intentionally developed.  

So again, watch the video here.  I think it will be a nice thing to consider as we you face your challenges with bravery, compassion and SELF CARE 

And to close, I send a deep message of gratitude to you, the person on the other side of this screen, reading these words.  Thank you.

With warmth,